Remote Learning Information


**If your child is in a reading group with a teacher other than their homeroom teacher, you will be receiving a separate email with instructions for how to connect with their small group reading teacher.**

Google Meet Etiquette

Getting to your first live Google Meet class

**In the first screencast I am assuming that your child is already logged in. If your child is not logged in, when you go to you will have sign in. That is located in the top right corner of the page.*

**Login information can be found in the front cover of your child's planner**

Screencast showing you how to get to your first google meet.

03. Schedule and Joining your Google

*Direct Google Classroom Link*

Your child will use their school login to get into their account.

Joining your Math Class

Switching between Google Classroom Classes

04. Math - Joining a new Google
05. Switch between Google Meet