CKLA Skills

CKLA Skills is part of our reading program.

Students will use decodable readers to practice spelling patterns taught in class.

Skills has 6 units total and they vary in length. The readers get progressively harder as the year goes on.


Wonders is our reading curriculum that focuses on comprehension strategies and skills. Students will take comprehension tests bi-weekly.

Wonders also has six units and each unit is comprised of three genre studies.

Each genre study takes two weeks.

Example of a Wonders Unit

Unit 2: Animal Discoveries

Genre Study 1: Expository Text

Baby Bears

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Genre Study 2: Fable

Wolf! Wolf!

Cinderella & Friends : Expository Text

Genre Study 3: Poetry


Grey Goose

Into Math

  • Glossary - Vocabulary Definitions

  • Homework Answers