What will my child have for homework?

  • Monday - Thursday Students will have Math homework
    • Tuesday and Thursday will be online homework - if your child is unable to complete the online homework please do it in the book - otherwise it will negatively impact their grade and they will have to do it at recess.
    • Chapter Review will be online for tests and may occur on any day- if they are reaching the end of their chapter be sure to check the calendar
  • Spelling sentences are due Friday, weekly unless announced otherwise
  • Spelling Tests will be Fridays unless announced otherwise
  • Students are expected to Read 20 minutes each night!

What can my child bring for snack?

We encourage students to bring healthy snacks. Please no dessert type items, such as cookies, pudding, candy, etc. If utensils are needed please provide your own.

  • Please also make sure your child can independently open their snack and that they do not need assistance opening it.
        • Bananas, oranges, Go-Gurt's and fruit cups that squirt. All of these snacks are welcome if your child can do it independently.

What is Responsibility Recess?

Responsibility Recess is a weekly reward time that consists of an extra recess or activity. Students are allowed to attend if all their work is turned in and they have earned $4 in their Classroom Cash. If the student is not allowed/does not want to attend, they will be working on missing work or silently reading in one of the 2nd grade classrooms.

What are orange dollars/classroom cash?

Each student will receive $1 per school day. This money will be used to purchase rewards and pay fines:

Examples of Fines:

  • no homework
  • not writing in their planner
  • disrupting their class
  • forgetting supplies during math
  • interrupting
  • etc..

How do you handle Birthdays?

Peanuts, Eggs, Red Dye, OH MY!!!

We will celebrate your kiddo without snacks!

For each child's birthday we will have an extra recess. We will still sing to each and every single one, and we will also give a free homework pass for their birthday.

If your child is really attached to bringing in a snack please talk to your homeroom teacher.

Summer Birthday's will be celebrated at their half-birthday or EOY depends on what your child chooses.